Who doesn’t want to leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind for a quick winter getaway? Whether it’s camping in the midst of nature somewhere in Catskills or at a lodge. Just the thought of sitting by the fire, sipping hot cocoa, and perfecting s’mores just sounds too good. Yet, camping may not be for all, it requires a good deal of coordination and forfeiting love of infrastructure. Finding a chic lodge getaway can be similarly problematic. Thankfully, these four locations bring the dreamy winter getaway to your doorstep, creating a winter wonderland oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle.

1.The Yurts

The Yurts have made it back to East Village. For the winter, the Standard East has turned their courtyard into a winter garden, housing five Alpine tents furnished with seating with furry throws, heating, and good times. What is more indulging than saying yes to a fondue fest? Saying yes to mulled wine, spiked cider, and fondue fest, of course. As all great indulgences do, the experience comes with a cost. In order to book a yurt through hotels restaurant Narcissa, the group must commit to Fondue Feast Package, $65 per person. Optional Beverage Package is an additional $32. While small yurts accommodate up to four people, you can have as large of a party as twelve. This is especially a good idea for a unique birthday dinner. Simply throwing it up there. All yurts are reserved for two hours. If you don’t want to commit to reserving one, sipping drinks in the winter garden is still an option. Yurts are dispersed in between evergreens and high tables; therefore the outside feels as Narnia-esque as the inside of the Yurts. Yurts are available until March 1st.

Photo credit: STK

2.The Lodge at STK meatpacking

Switching up from Alpine tents to rooftop views. STK Meatpacking has converted it’s rooftop to a chic winter getaway. Entering to the restaurant, one could almost mentally leave the city behind for a night in a mountain cabin; if it weren’t for the breathtaking skyline still visible. The Lodge is open for dinner and drinks from Thursday to Saturday, 6 pm on. Be advised, along with indoor and outdoor daybeds, there is also a dance floor. A DJ starts playing tunes later in the night. Expect to see heels and LBD’s. If clubbing is not your scene, this is still a great option for dinner.

Photo credit: ny_scene

3.Camp Arlo

Similar to the Standard, Arlo Soho has jumped on the wagon of glamping. In collaboration with Tentrr, the hotel is housing tents meant for glamourous camping in it’s courtyard. Tentrr, a startup which aims enhancing camping experience by bringing together landowners and campers. Once landowners enlist their sight, Tentrr sets up the tent with a platform which holds a queen bed. Every site has a picnic table, fire pit, sun shower, campfire grill and a camp toilet. In Camp Arlo, instead of the queen bed, tents are furnished with Adirondack Chairs, sofas, board games and outdoor heaters. Hotels restaurant has devised a special menu to take you to winter wonderland. You can book a reservation by calling Harold’s Meat + Three.

Photo credit: Gerber Group

4.Cabin in the Sky at Mr. Purple

Another rooftop that is re-purposing it’s space as a cabin is Mr. Purple. Right on time for the Winter Olympics, the space is match made in heaven for those that want to escape the cold but want to hold on to winter for a little longer. The chic bar is equipped with funky purple deer heads, tons of blankets, and purple fireplaces. There is a special menu to accompany the space. S’more Than a Feeling; a notch above your regular hot chocolate may be a favorite. The cabin also serves cheese and chocolate fondue, along with cheese and wine or chocolate and wine pairings. Highly recommended for late afternoon sipping.

Photo credit: Conor Harrigan via The McKittrick Hotel

5.the Lodge at Gallow Green

While Gallow Green is a spring/summer gem, winter counterpart of the space, the Lodge is a classic winter hideaway located at the McKittrick Hotel. If there’s one thing to be expected from this spot, it is the drama. Whether through the interactive play, Sleep No More, or through colorful live performances at the Heath; McKittrick Hotel promises a great time. This cozy hideout on the roof is no different. Stepping out of the stairs to the roof, the greenery is overpowering. You might indeed feel like stepping into the woods. After passing through the outdoor seating area around the elegant fire pit, there comes the enclosed lodge. It is a reminiscent of a hunters house hidden in the woods. It is not just the throws or wooden tables that generate this feeling. There’s also a nook with bunkbeds and a build in library. Regardless of time of the day, space is always dimly lit. You can either hang in the main room, sipping on mulled wine, find a secluded nook or step out to the “woods” and enjoy your drink. The space is definitely intimate; thus perfect for a date or just for catching up with a friend.

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