Apartments, and the roommates they come with, aren’t forever. Whether you’ve been living in a place for a few months or a couple of years, the time will inevitably come when you have to part ways with the space and cohabitants you’ve grown to know and love (or maybe not so much).

After accumulating all of the furniture you needed during that period, you’re now faced with the decision of what to keep and what to toss. (Not to mention the occasional inter-roommate dispute about who owns what). Whether you’re moving to a new apartment in the city or are going cross-country, this creates an extra burden during an already stressful time.

Some renters try to solve for this by stocking up on cheap or thrifted furniture, which isn’t a bad idea, though it doesn’t quite release you from the often hefty up-front sums involved with moving and delivery.

So what if you could subscribe to quality, stylish furniture (think: Joybird, Casper, West Elm) for a specified time, hassle-free? DUMBO-based startup Feather lets you do just that. Say see ya, sucker to moving vans, questionable Craigslist sellers, crowded stores, unintelligible assembly instructions, and the hassle of getting rid of things at the end of it all. Feather has you covered!

Photo courtesy of Feather

Above all else, we think the best part is Feather’s ethos of owning less and living more. Not to get all self-help on you, but there is something to be said for living lighter. In this era of nomadic digital lifestyles, easy mobility becomes infinitely more achievable the less we attach ourselves to the things we own.

You’re probably wondering how this works. First, Feather lets you lease furniture from three months to a year. You can select a specific item, furnish a room, or fill your entire place with their pieces. If you are unsure what to pick or just clueless when it comes to design, you can take their brief style quiz which generates tailored recommendations based on your answers. Who doesn’t love a good online quiz?

The company is pretty darn transparent, making sure to reveal the full retail price of every item or package they offer. It’s worth noting that their rates are significantly lower than the cost of buying any given piece direct from the brand. Plus, delivery and assembly are free of charge.

Photo courtesy of Feather

Once you’ve reached the end of your subscription, it’s time to make a choice — extend your agreement, swap existing items out for new ones (a refresher never hurts!), return your furniture, or buy it from Feather so it’s yours forever.

If you consider yourself at all noncommittal when it comes to decor, Feather is for you. The flexibility is especially valuable if you’re staying in the city temporarily, aren’t sure you are going to love your new neighborhood, or perhaps are suspicious that your roommate will abandon you for their significant other in the near future (*eye roll*).

Whatever your reason, take a few moments to peruse Feather’s chic — and attainable! — furniture selection. You might just fall in love with what you find.

Nooklyn is partnering with Feather to offer you a $50 discount on your first month if you go through our exclusive link here. Run, don’t walk—to your laptop!

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